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FIXTURES 2018-19
          British Ladies Championship, 1905
London League - Division 3 (Beckenham & Charlton)
  Wednesday 24-10-2018   v Hackney 3  -- DRAWN
  Monday      05-11-2018   v Albany  (Away) -- WON
  Wednesday 05-12-2018   v British Bangla -- WON
  Wednesday 09-01-2019   v Metropolitan 2 -- WON
  Wednesday 23-01-2019   v Mushrooms 2 -- WON
  Thursday    07-02-2019   v Cavendish 3 -- DRAWN
  Wednesday 13-02-2019   v Wanstead 2 -- DRAWN
  Wednesday 13-03-2019   v Battersea 2 -- WON
  Tuesday     02-04-2019   v Greater London -- WON
  Monday      08-04-2019   v Athenaeum 2 -- WON
  Wednesday 08-05-2018   v Wimbledon 2 -- WON
  Wednesday 29-05-2018   v Newham -- WON
The team wins the Division 3 trophy and is promoted to Division 2!
Kent League - 1st Team – Stevenson Cup
  Monday      15 October  2018      Home v Lewisham 3 -- LOST
  Monday      29 October  2018      Home v Dartford 1 -- LOST
  Tuesday     20 November 2018    Away v Gravesend 1 -- LOST
  Monday      07 January  2019      Home v Petts Wood 3 -- LOST
  Thursday    31 January  2019      Away v Beckenham 2 -- LOST
  Friday        15 February 2019      Away v Petts Wood 2 -- LOST
  Wednesday 27 February 2019     Away v Sidcup 1 -- DRAWN
  Wednesday 03 April       2019     Away v Lewisham 2 -- not played
Kent League - 2nd Team – Harvey Cup
  Thursday     04 October  2018       Away v Beckenham 4 -- WON
  Monday       12 November 2018     Home v Chislehurst 2 -- LOST
  Monday       03 December 2018     Home v Sidcup 3 -- LOST
  Monday       17 December 2018     Home v Gravesend 3 -- LOST
  Wednesday 16 January  2019        Away v Lewisham 5 -- LOST
  Friday         08 February 2019       Away v Petts Wood 5 -- LOST

Kent League - 3rd Team – Intro Cup
  Friday        12 October  2018       Away v Eynsford 1 -- DRAWN
  Monday      22 October  2018       Home v Beckenham 6 -- LOST
  Monday      14 January  2019       Home v Gravesend 5 -- WON
  Monday      21 January  2019       Home v Lewisham 7 -- WON
  Friday        01 February  2019     Away v Petts Wood 9 -- DRAWN
  Monday      04 March    2019       Home v Petts Wood 8 -- WON
  Wednesday 20 March    2019      Away v Sidcup 4 -- LOST
CHARLTON (7:45pm):  Mycenae House, 90 Mycenae Road, London, SE3 7SE
BECKENHAM (7:30pm):  The Parklangley Club, 44a Wickham Way, Beckenham, BR3 3AF
CHISLEHURST (7:30pm):  Methodist Church Hall, Prince Imperial Road, Chislehurst, BR7 5LX
DARTFORD (7:45pm):  St. Anselm's Parish Centre, 89 West Hill, Dartford, DA1 2HJ
EYNSFORD (7:45pm):  St Martin’s Church, Station Road, Eynsford, Kent DA4 0EH
GRAVESEND (7:45pm):  Old Prince of Orange, 1 Old Road East, Gravesend, DA12 1NJ
LEWISHAM (7:45pm):  Catford Cricket Club, Penerley Road, London, SE6 2LQ
PETTS WOOD (7:45pm):  St. John's UR Church, Lynwood Grove, Orpington, BR6 0BG
SIDCUP (7:45pm):  Hurst Community Centre, Hurst Road, Bexley, DA5 3LH
LONDON LEAGUE (Home venue) (7:00pm):  Citadines Hotel, 94-99 High Holborn, WC1V 6LF
(Away venues: see London League website,

RESULTS 2017-18

Kent Summer Quickplay  Charlton won it!  The 2017 final was played on 23rd January 2018 at Charlton House and we beat Rainham by the narrowest margin.

London League  Not a good season!  After being close to promotion to division 1 for the past two years, this year we have ended up being relegated to division 3 for the first time.

Kent League  The first team struggled this season in the Stevenson Cup and failed to win a match.
The second team nearly reached the semi-final of the Harvey Cup but a misunderstanding of the clock lost a critical game in the last match.
This season we entered a third team of mostly junior players who played extremely well and reached the final of the Intro Cup.

RESULTS 2016-17

The London league team had a good season and finished 3rd (again!) in division 2.  Unfortunately only two teams get promoted.
Our Kent League first and second teams both finished mid-table in the En Passant and Fuller Cups respectively.
We are currently in the final of the 2017 Kent Summer Quickplay, yet to be completed.

RESULTS 2015-16

In the 2016 Kent Summer Quickplay we reached the semi-final, but were unable to raise a full team against Folkestone.
The London league team had a good season finished 3rd out of 13 in division 2.  Unfortunately only two teams get promoted.
Our Kent League first team reached the semi-final of the Lewis Cup.
Our second team, in its first season in the Harvey Cup, won one match, drew two and lost three.
We entered our new third team in the Tom Fuller Cup, although it lost all its matches.

RESULTS 2014-15

By April 2015 all the Kent league preliminary matches had been completed.  Charlton's first team travelled to Maidstone on 22nd April for the Lewis Cup semi-final, winning the match by 4.5 to 1.5.  Kent Finals Day took place on Sunday 10th May at the Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford.  Charlton won the Lewis Cup, beating Tunbridge Wells in the final by 3.5 to 2.5.

A significant change to the Kent League this season was the merger of the County and Lewis Cups (i.e. divisions 1 and 2).  The County Cup was down to three teams but the merger means there are now six metropolitan Kent teams playing each other twice, so ten matches each.  The top team qualifies for the County Cup final (to play the top team from the rest of Kent) and the second and third teams qualify for the Lewis Cup semifinal.

Our first team (captain Alan Hanreck) in the County/Lewis Cup finished in third place with 5.5 points out of ten qualifying for the Lewis Cup semi-final..

Our second team (captain Jim Jackson) entered the Harvey Cup instead of the En Passant Cup, meaning the average grade limit of the team is 125 instead of 140 which better fits the grades of the squad.  The team won one match and drew one out of five.

In London League division 2, the joint Beckenham and Charlton team finished in sixth place.  The division comprises thirteen teams and only two go up or down so promotion is not easy to achieve, although we frequently come close.

RESULTS 2013-14

Charlton won the 2013 Kent Summer Quickplay, beating Beckenham in the final.

The London league team had a winning run after a poor start and finished in mid-table. The Charlton members of the team all performed well, but promotion was never achievable.

Our Kent league teams both had a disappointing season.  Both teams will be entering different divisions next season.

RESULTS 2012-13

After a good start our London League team slipped from the top of division 2 and finally scored 8 points out of 12, finishing in fifth place out of thirteen. Only two teams get promoted.

Our first team in the Kent County Cup won two matches out of four but failed to reach the final on tie break.

Our second team in the En Passant Cup had a disappointing season drawing just one match.

RESULTS 2011-12

The London League team finished in the lower half of Division 2, disappointing after just missing promotion in the previous two years.

In the Kent League, Alan Hanreck's first team retained the County Cup by beating Beckenham & Bromley in the final on 13th May, our fourth win in five years.

Jim Jackson's second team finished fourth in the En Passant Cup, a big improvement on last season.

RESULTS 2010-11

Our Kent League first team regained the County Cup by beating Beckenham & Bromley in the final on 15th May 2011. Team captain Alan Hanreck collected the silver trophy. He now needs to keep it polished!

The London League team finished 2nd= in Division 2, but 3rd after tie-break (game points) so again just missed promotion to Division 1.

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