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Game of the month, recent games played by Charlton players, online or over the board.

Kushal Jakhria demonstrates what can go wrong when his opponent neglects to castle.
David Rogers was pleased with his win as the underdog in the Charlton internal tournament.
Miguel Sobrinho executed a quick checkmate with a venomous queen+bishop attack aimed at h7.
Garfield Moore's opening wasn't the best but things got better and a great 17th move led to a winning position.
An inspired move 50 by Robert Stebbings in a bad position confused the game and eventually turned the tables.
It is not often a grandmaster is checkmated in 15 moves, but Conor Murphy managed it in Budapest.
Played last year by David Morris but not to be missed, a gambit of a pawn followed by sacrifices of bishop and rook.
Nick Briggs builds up a winning kingside attack after Black's queen goes pawn hunting, in the London online league.
A neat combination by Tony Stebbings in the London Online League.  A sacrifice on g2 targeted a piece on b2.
A quick win by Gary Clark against an IM in the London Online League.  White grabs a pawn and soon regrets it!
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