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Game of the month, recent games played by Charlton players, online or over the board.

An inspired move 50 by Robert Stebbings in a bad position confused the game and eventually turned the tables.
It is not often a grandmaster is checkmated in 15 moves, but Conor Murphy managed it in Budapest.
Played last year by David Morris but not to be missed, a gambit of a pawn followed by sacrifices of bishop and rook.
Nick Briggs builds up a winning kingside attack after Black's queen goes pawn hunting, in the London online league.
A neat combination by Tony Stebbings in the London Online League.  A sacrifice on g2 targeted a piece on b2.
A nice game by David Rogers in the 4NCL Online League.  White's King never finds a safe haven and is hunted down.
A quick win by Gary Clark against an IM in the London Online League.  White grabs a pawn and soon regrets it!
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